. Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps A Corps (USA) at World Music Contest 2005 Kerkrade,NL
Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps A Corps (USA) at World Music Contest 2005 Kerkrade,NL
. 2013 World Championship Finals Awards Show
2013 World Class Caption Award Winners Jim Jones Leadership Award: Dean Patterson - Phantom Regiment Donald Angelica Best General Effect Award: Carolina Crown Fred Sanford Best Percussion Performance Award: The Cadets John Brazale Best Visual Performance Award: Carolina Crown George Zingali Best Color Guard Award: Blue Devils Jim Ott Best Brass Performance Award: Carolina Crown
. The Best of DCI Finals 2013
Some of the best moments from the 2013 DCI World Championships. Congratulations to the 2013 DCI World Champion, Carolina Crown. Keep in mind, these are NOT all of the most memorable moments. If you like, buy the Blu-Rays, come out and see these amazing corps plus many more corps live next summer.
. Carolina Crown 2013 Pre Show Warm Up
@ Riverside City College in Riverside, CA.
. DrumLine Battle: Blue Devils B vs Jersey Surf
DrumLine Battle: Blue Devils B vs Jersey Surf
. What is Drum Corps International?
From modest beginnings more than three decades ago, Drum Corps International (DCI) has developed into a powerful, nonprofit, global youth activity with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence. Through the annual DCI Tour and more than 40 World Championships, Drum Corps International provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events. Drum Corps International is Marching Music's Major League™.
. Carolina Crown 2013 World Champions Finals week in Avon Indiana
Here is a collection of Carolina Crown videos taking during finals week in Indianapolis, IN
. DCI In the Lot: The 2013 Carolina Crown Front Ensemble
In the lot in Denver, CO, with the Carolina Crown Front Ensemble as they prepare for their first Tour of Champions show of the season on July 6th, 2013.
. 2013 Blue Devils Hornline SHOW MUSIC | DCI Finals
Video with Canon Rebel EOS T4i + Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 PRO DX-II Color corrected in Adobe Lightroom 5 Audio with Zoom H4N Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
. 2012 DCI Finals Carolina Crown Brass Warmup - Tuning
2012 Carolina Crown Brass warmup at DCI Finals. Tuning and stuff...
. DCI 2013 DrumLine Battle winner E-Sarn
What a cool culture they have! They are from Thai land.
. Bluecoats 2013 Drumline - Rehearsal - Drums Across the Tri-Stat
Bluecoats rehearsed at Hurricane High School, in Hurricane West Virginia. This was a few hours before the 2013 Drums Across the Tri-State in Charleston, WV
. Cadets 2013 - Side by Side Full Run (NightBeat)
This is a video of the Cadets performing their 2013 show "Side by Side" at NightBeat on July 27th 2013. They placed 3rd with a score of 90.85.
. DCI 2013 Drum Features 7/26/13
DCI 2013 Drum Features 7/26/13
. Phantom Regiment 2013 7/13/13
Phantom Regiment at DCI Minnesota performing their show "Triumphant Journey".
. Madison Scouts 2013
The Madison Scours perform their 2013 show in Bowling Green, Ohio.
. The Cavaliers & Madison Scouts
2013 marks the 75th anniversary for the Madison Scouts and the 65th anniversary for The Cavaliers. They honored each other in Michigan City by playing their corps songs for each other, and the crowd in attendance.
. 2013 - Carolina Crown at Walnut, CA - Full Run
I'm actually the father of one of the snare drummers in Pacific Crest. But I had some extra space on the chip in my video camera. I concentrated more on filming the battery than the overall corps, as you can see. For those that are interested in seeing my video of Blue Devils performing that night, click my screen name and click on the BD video
. Blue Devils 2013 in the lot Sacramento, Ca
BD drumline in the lot
. Carolina Crown 2013 Encore - DCI West
Carolina Crown 2013 Encore - DCI West (22 June)
. Carolina Crown 2013 Brass (Crazy Run)
Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps Brass warming up at Riverside Community College on California, June 30, 2013. If you guys like this video... Check out this one I took the same day :)
. The Cadets Drumline 2013 - Show Music
June 22 - The drumline plays through several excerpts of their show, while warming up for their performance in Akron, OH.
. Blue Devils 2013 in the Lot
The Blue Devils playing some warm-ups and part of their book. Help me go to college. Check out my website. http://austinharms.weebly.com/
. 2013 Cadets Tenors - LEARN THE MUSIC!
Vic Firth takes you BEYOND THE LOT with early season footage of the Cadets' 2013 "Side by Side" production. In this video, the tenor line is featured with the music so you can learn it and play along! (Filmed 6.13.2013)
. Cavaliers 2013: The Preparation
Joe Roach (percussion staff) and Jesse Backes (drum sergeant) detail the preparation for a season with The Cavaliers.

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