. 7th Regiment 2010 Promo
7th Regiment is always looking for new members! Come check out our open house on November 22nd 2009. 1pm - 5pm BJD Middle School New London, CT 06320
. DCI 2010 Hell Bent For Victory: The Movie
Hell Bent For Victory is a feature length documentary film that follows the 2009 Casper, Wyoming Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps as they compete to re-enter the Drum Corps International Word Finals f...
. Rhythm X In The Lot At WGI 2010 - Part 3
Rhythm X In The Lot At WGI 2010 - Part 3
. 1992 - Snare Solo Jeff Queen
my fav solo of Jeffs
. Cavaliers 2002 Drumline Rehearsal
Movement 3 (Rhythm) and Movement 4 (Finale) from a Cavaliers 2002 Drumline rehearsal
. Cavaliers 2002 Lot - DCI Finals
Cavaliers 2002 Lot - DCI Finals
. The Cavaliers 2006 at DCI - The Machine
Most amazing performance ever...won the 2006 DCI championships..of course!! Sorry..not full video!
. 1989 Phantom Regiment Soprano Bugle DCI Champion
Mike Margraf performs In Kansas City for Concert of Champions Wed. finals week. This is a Soprano Bugle in the key of G concert. This is a minor third lower than trumpet. Playing this bugle is li...
. Blue Devils La Fiesta 1984
One of the Baddest song that the Devils have ever played.Hope you like it
. Blue Devils horn line warm up
Blue Devils warm up in San Diego 7/05/09
. Blue Devils Drumline 2002 - Lot Practice
There are many more lines on the whole video, might put them up if you ask nicely!
. Bill Bachman plays
Here's a video of Bill Bachman (the quad god) playing a tenor solo written by Mike Stevens. I think this comes from Bill's video "Reefed Beats."
. Blue Devils 2010 Tenor Line
RCC Show from up on top
. Bill Bachman Quad Lesson from Reefed Beats
Scrapes and diddles around the drums. This clip is an excerpt from "Reefed Beats." For more info check out Vic Firth or Row-Loff Productions. http://www.quadchops.com
. 2004 Blue Devils Accerlando
The tight accel in the middle of the show. Better quality than my other one in the lot
. DCI Madison Scouts 1999
Madison Scouts DCI 1999 Drum Feature
. Blue Stars 2006 Drumline
blue stars drumline warm ups
. stick trick lesson 2
10 stick tricks in normal and slow motion from different angles.... hopefully this will help and answer any questions you may have about any of these tricks. songs in this video are listed in the c...
. stick trick lesson
stick trick lesson 1 : 6 cool tricks
Stick Spinning lesson 1
. Snare Stick Tricks - Juggle Roll
www.snarescience.com - This is a cool gimmick to throw in your snare solo.
. 2 Cute Girls Playing Snare Drum Duet
2 girls playing at the WA State solo / ensamble competition. Very talented... worth a watch
. Jay's Snare Drum Solo- Phantom Phire (OLD VIDEO-2007)
Jay warms with Grevious Groove and then plays Phantom Phire by Marty Hurley. Jay is 11 years old in this video. Update- April 4, 2009- check out Jay's new "2009 Talent Show" vid. In it he revi...
. Ivan Pacheco I & E Solo
2004 I & E Solo. Amazing, even plays part of it with his elbow. He was a member of the Blue Devils, and this solo got him 1st place.
. 2008 Phantom Regiment Snare drum REVIEW
This is a video regarding any question, comments or concerns about the snare drum or used drum corps equipment. If you are interested in buying USED gear from CORPS, just ask me for information an...

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