. DCI 2009 - Blue Devils in the lot @ San Antonio, TX Regional
Inside the circle with the Blue Devils at San Antonio, TX Regional in the parking lot.
. Best 2008 DCI Moments
Best moments of 2008 Drum Corps International. Corps in appearance: -Bluecoats - The Knockout -Carolina Crown - FINIS -Blue Knights - Knight Reign ...
. DCI 2009 - Blue Devils Drums in the lot @ Riverside, CA Show 6/21/2009
Recorded hand-held using Canon 5D Mark II and onboard sound with 50mm 1.2L lens.
. DCI 2009 - Santa Clara Vanguard Drums in the lot
SCV drums in the lot playing an exercise before the Walnut DCI show in 2009. Read about this video in my blog here: www.rancecosta.com
. Top 3 Phantom Regiment Closers
This was just a teaser until I made the "Top 8 Phantom Regiment Closers"... WHICH IS NOW UP!
. Blue Devils Percussion practice - Constantly Risking Absurdity
On the afternoon of the 2008 DCI Masters of the Summer Music Games, I engaged in my annual pre-show activity - attending Blue Devils rehearsal. Here you see the BD percussion section working part of their 2008 production, "Constantly Risking Absurdity."
. Blue Devils-
The Blue Devils Front Ensemble did this on the spot, completely impromptu. No planning. In Texas, during the 2010 tour.
. The Blue Devils Get The Feeling-What We Do Best
The Blue Devils "Get The Feeling" - What We Do Best Get The Feeling this Saturday June 27th at Stanford
. Space Chords - 2009 Blue Devils
The 2009 Blue Devils Hornline in their brass lot on semi-finals night. Audio recorded with an edirol recorder and video captured with a digital ...
. Blue Devils Invesco Field Denver
Blue Devils Invesco Field Denver
. Band of Brothers Finals
Playing Band of Brothers in the parking lot after DCI Open Class Finals
. Blue Devils Warm Up
Horn line warming up in the lot at the Georgia Dome July 25, 2009
. 2009 Blue Devils Brass in the lot
Blue Devils Brass chord progression with space chords
. 2009 Blue Devils Las Vegas Opener - Mosaic
6 July 2009 Drums Along the Strip Las Vegas. Blue Devils play their opener "Mosaic" as part of their encore.
. DCI 2010 - Santa Clara Vanguard Brass Line
DCI 2010 Singing and chorale playing by one of the world's finest brass ensembles. Santa Clara Vanguard in the lot before the Walnut, CA show on July 3.
. Santa Clara Vanguard 2010 Brass @ RCC 7/5/2010 - 1080p
Go Vanguard brass! Such class that goes with them.
. Blue Devils 2009 Drumline
During the Blue Devils System Blue Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Union High School I got to get up close and personal with the drumline sandwhich during there warmup session of Accent Taps. Yes, I did have permission to shoot footage.
. Blue Devils Finals 2009 Drum Break Final Sectional
Finals Day
. Blue Devils 2003 - Ditty
Taken at DVC; home show.

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