. 2012 Movie Trailer
Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. A global cataclysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic str...
. Ian Brown - Stellify
Official music video for Ian Brown's new single 'Stellify'
. Deep Impact - The Wedding
"Cities fall but they are rebuilt. Heroes die but they are remembered." Wonderful piece of music created by the magnificent James Horner. Enjoy it!
. James Horner - Braveheart Theme Song
I love this movie... And i love this music so i uploaded this video so other people can enjoy the song!Im swedish and i put this out :) This movie touched me very much! (Im not sure who made it ca...
. Saving Private Ryan Hymn to the Fallen
Saving Private Ryan sound track
. Band of Brothers Soundtrack - Main Theme
The Main Theme from Band of Brothers by Michael Kamen.
. PRISON BREAK Soundtrack - 09. Abruzzi Is The Ticket
PRISON BREAK Soundtrack - Abruzzi Is The Ticket The 09 song in the Prison Breakscore Soundtrack CD with the television original soundtracks.
. PRISON BREAK Soundtrack - 07. Sucre's Dilemma
PRISON BREAK Soundtrack - Sucre's Dilemma The 07 song in the Prison Breakscore Soundtrack CD with the original television soundtracks.
. PRISON BREAK Soundtrack - 04. Save A Brother's Life
PRISON BREAK Soundtrack - Save A Brother's Life The 04 song in the Prison Breakscore Soundtrack CD with the original television soundtracks.
. Prison Break/original soundtrack-Main Titles
Prison Break original soundtrack 1
. X Files Theme Tune
The Theme Tune Of the program x files
. Matrix - Theme Tune
I know its clubbed to death by Rob Dougan, I just can't be bothered changing the title after so long.
. Super Man Theme Tune
The super man theme tune
. superman (NEW!) theme
superman theme the new superman theme is the music of the newest superman movie (superman returns).
. Superman (Main Theme)
a superman theme by John Williams by The London Symphony Orchestra
. john williams - duel of the fates
music video for star wars episode 1 the phantom menace
. Star Wars: Sith Theme
Mix aus einzelnen Teilen von Episode I und II (Duel of the Fates).
. Star Wars Soundtracks
A little Pictureshow of star wars + music from different episodes mixed up. IT'S JUST A TEST, DON'T BE SO HARD TO ME ;)
. Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack - One Day
my favorite of all the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtracks, One Day by Hans Zimmer
. Star Wars Episode II Soundtrack - Across The Stars (Love Theme From Attack Of The Clones)
John Williams - Across The Stars (Love Theme From Attack Of The Clones). Second track from Star Wars Episode II:Attack Of The Clones Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. No Copyright Infringement.
. Star Wars Episode III soundtrack: Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
THIS IS MUSIC ONLY! This is Anakin vs. Obi-Wan from the Star Wars Episode III soundtrack. Sorry for it playing through the music twice. I can't fix that. But if you want, you can stop it at 3:56. T...
. Star Wars Soundtrack Dangerous
Star Wars Soundtrack Dangerous
. Star Wars Soundtrack - Duel of the Fates
Duel of the Fates used when Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi fight Darth Maul and also when Yoda fights Darth Sidious. Music by John Williams. The music of Star Wars consists of the scores written for al
. Sharam feat. Kid Cudi 'She Came Along' (Director's Cut)
Sharam feat. Kid Cudi 'She Came Along' (Director's Cut). Buy Sharam's newest album 'Get Wild' here: http://bit.ly/2JWto3 Join Sharam's Youtube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/Sharam
. Lady Gaga performs her rendition of 'Imagine' at the HRC National Dinner 2009
Lady Gaga performs her rendition of the 13th annual 'Imagine' at the HRC National Dinner 2009. Before her speech, she said that she was upset that homophobia is running rampant in the music indust...

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