. Recording a Brass Section - Mic Setup & Mixing
In this video, I demonstrate how a brass section was recorded for the song "Hot Wax". This is part of the "Dead At The Desk" concept album. I take you through a detailed description of what mics were used and where, and you are able to listen to the individual tracks as we talk through them in the control room.
. In The Factory: Making Besson Instruments
Explore the Besson factory and watch as our experts hammer bells, solder joints, assemble valves, buff, polish and finally engrave the unique Besson logo on these beautiful brass instruments.
. (Slow Motion) Carolina Crown Hornline 2012 - Fanfare for the Common Man
August 8 - The hornline plays through a couple excerpts from their show, with the video slowed down to 70% normal speed.
. Cavaliers Hornline 2012 - Double Tonguing
August 9 - The hornline plays through a double tonguing exercise, followed by an excerpt from their show, while warming up for Quarterfinals in Indianapolis, IN. Warm ups were moved into the convention center due to a severe thunderstorm.
. DCi Blue Devils 2011 Semi-finals rehearsal
Devs killin the game....i got a piece of every section. Let me kno if I was movin too much..
. A Day With The Cadets Drumline 2012
Final Designz Studios, writers of The Grid Book, visits The Cadets percussion section during rehearsal before their Atlanta Regional Competition on July 28, 2012. This video shows the process from the sectional blocks and rehearsal on the field, to the lot just before the show.
. Blue Devils Drumline in Vilnius
Blue Devils Drumline in Vilnius 2013 05 12
. Blue Devils Eights from the 2013 Battery Audition Pak
Blue Devils Eights from the 2013 Battery Audition Pak
. Bluecoats 2010 Opener
Sometime around the 4th of July, waiting to start a parade, gettin reps in...
. DCI Drum (& Brass) Cam: 2012 Carolina Crown
Kevin LeBouf-Baritone Katie Rozacky-Mellophone Andy Kim-Snare Paul Winterhalter-Tenor Filmed August 3rd, 2012 in Allentown, PA
. Inside บดินทร์เดชา นานล่ะ...
Inside บดินทร์เดชา นานล่ะ...
. บดินทร์เดชา ก่อนไปมาเล....
บดินทร์เดชา ก่อนไปมาเล....
. บดินทร์เดชา ยุคเปลี่ยนแปลง
บดินทร์เดชา ยุคเปลี่ยนแปลง
. Citrus family Drumline the movie past 1
โดยทีมงาน fat Video คนตัวอ้วน ขอโทษทีนะครับ ถ้าเสียงดังไป และมุมกล้องไม่ค่อยดี
. #SCV2013 February Rehearsal Camp Video
Featuring SCV Visual Caption Manager Chris Alexander, and clips of the brass, battery and front ensemble at the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps 2013 February Rehearsal Camp, held at James Lick High School in San Jose, CA.
. LONELY by LITA & TK. Inside
"LONELY" by LITA & TK. Main Concept by Jum.....
. เด็กวงโย Story
ติดตามชีวีตเด็กวงโย ได้ที่ www.thailandband.com
. RCC 2013
Warm up and some book
. BKK-Bangkok society drumline 2012-BKK RANGER SAB2
BKK-Bangkok society drumline 2012-BKK RANGER SAB2
. Ayala HS fall drumline 2012 Book
Ayala HS Fall Drumline 2012 in the lot @ Big Orange Classic
. Ayala HS fall drumline 2012 Warm up
Ayala HS Fall drumline In the lot warm up book @ RCC Big Orange Classic
. BKK-Bangkok society drumline 2012-BKK RANGER SAB1
BKK-Bangkok society drumline 2012-BKK RANGER SAB1
. Blue Devils 2012 Drum Line Semi Finals Rehearsal 2
Blue Devils 2012 Drum Line Semi Finals Rehearsal 2
. Alejandro Lopez - Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet
Alejandro Lopez Samame - Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet recorded on November 2, 2012 at the Peru National Conservatory of Music.
. Taylor Swift Trumpet Cover: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
I just did this for fun, with about 5 mins of practice, this was sight-reading. My camera doesn't have super good sound quality, so my tone doesn't sound the same.

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