. Canadian Brass Toccata and Fugue in d minor - J. S. Bach
From the DVD "Three Nights with Canadian Brass"
. Canadian Brass, the flight of the bumble bee
Canadian Brass, the flight of the bumble bee
. Canadian Brass - Amazing Grace
Simply Beautiful
. Canadian Brass: Quintet (Magic Horn CD)
Do the Canandian Brass... read on. The beautiful music video for Quintet (Rhombus Media, of The Red Violin), as seen on the Magic Horn CD enhanced feature! For more information about the piece, th...
. Kenny G - As Time Goes By
This lovely song is from Kenny G, the ever famous saxophonist in the world... hope you all enjoy it as much as i do!
. Kaori Kobayashi (????) - Airflow [PV]
Promotional ad for Kaori Kobayashi's newest album, Glow.
. Kaori Kobayashi (????) - Shiny (2008) [PV]
A promotional video for Kaori Kobayashi's album "Shiny." From the bonus DVD in limited edition.
. Band of Brothers : THE SONG with LYRICS
If you want something done right, DIY. The original poster of this Katherine Jenkins solo of "Requiem for a Soldier" for the BBC didn't post the lyrics as I suggested (so much for honoring Soldiers...
. Kobayashi Kaori (????) - If you want me to stay
Kobayashi Kaori (????) - If you want me to stay from EBS SPACE GONGGAM Note : About 1m 30s was cut to fit 10 mintues uploading limitation
. Saxophone-Nothing gonna change my love for you
????Saxophone-Nothing gonna change my love for you~TK SAXOPHONE www.sbv.com.tw saxophone_peggy@hotmail.com ???????????????~?????????????? ~ ??????116?28??PEGGY????0936-243919 ????IAN~0930-045579 ?...
. Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston - When You Believe
A great song of Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston one of the Soundtrack songs of "The Prince of Egypt".
. [HD] Lady Gaga Speechless Live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Lady Gaga Speechless Live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
. T-SQUARE - Explorer - Concert Tour 2008
T-SQUARE - Explorer (from GRAVITY)
CLUB CIRCUIT '93?Human Gt.?????? Pf.???? Dr.???? Ba.??? EWI.???? Masato Honda?Theme from Ayrton Senna ?F1 ?Formula 1
. SXSW 2009 Music Video: Futomomo Satisfaction - Theme of Futomomo Satisfaction
SXSW 2009 SHOWCASING ARTIST - Opal Divine's Freehouse - Saturday, March 21 - 12:00 a.m. Futomomo Satisfaction is only one trombone BIKINI girls band in the world. (Futomomo means thighs.) Live Performance of this Japanese revolutional icon band has been rarely performed. A lot of people has been anxious for it, and anyone who has seen, has been attracted and cheered momentarily. Your eyes must be glued to three girls who put on BIKINI. On the stage, they not only play trombone, but also shout, sing, and dance. We Futomomo Satisfaction promises you we will play an enthusiastic live at SXSW200.

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