. Blue Devils 2011
Filmed at a System Blue Educational Camp at Martin Luther King HS in California, July 1, 2011.
. Inside the Green Machine: Meet the 2013 Drum Majors
Meet The Cavaliers' 2013 Leadership: Drum Major Stephen Parsons and Assistant Drum Major Jerin Harrison.
. Inside BD 360 - Episode 3
Inside BD 360 - Episode3. See all episodes at http://bdmediabox.org
. The Blue Devils in Guatemala 2012
On labor day weekend a group of 93 members and staff traveled to Guatemala to perform and teach. Here's a video summary of what happened.
. DCI Blue Devils vocal ensemble 2012
This is the DCI Blue Devils Vocal Ensemble group who placed first in San Antonio,TX. group members: Anatasia Ellis, Matt Hurtado, Christine Gow, Whitney Herne, Will Jackson, Ben AhSue, Andrew Alvarado, Tyler Simon, Shawn Walker, Felix Cruz, Meredith Lee, Michael Samson
. DCI 2012 Blue Coats Drumline Book (4 of 4)
This is the Blue Coats In the Lot with Yamaha Drums. Brought to you by RC... Watch it in HD
. Blue Devils Trumpet Octet
Gold Medal Brass Ensemble, DCI I&E 8-5-09
. Phantom Regiment Visual Rehearsal
Phantom Regiment Visual Rehearsal
. Blue Devils In Guatemala, 2012 World Tour....
Presentacion Blue Devils en Guatemala, concurso casa instrumental 2012
. 2013 Blue Devils music audition
2013 Blue Devils Music Audition ~Shot from my laptop. Tried to get the best tone i could get~
. DCI Blue Devils Horn 2012 Line Warming Up at RCC
DCI Blue Devils Horn 2012 Line Warming Up at RCC
. 1997 Blue Devils run through
The whole corps running through their show
. Crossmen 2013 - Do You have what it takes?
Do YOU have what it takes? With camps in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, Crossmen gives you multiple opportunities to learn and audition. Don't miss out, register today! For more information go to www.crossmen.org/membership.
. Crossmen 2013 - Scenes from San Antonio, Shadows, and Silhouettes
Crossmen had record numbers at their camp this past weekend at their 2nd eXperience camp. For more information about crossmen, visit their website at www.crossmen.org
. 2nd Place, 99.0* Jesus Sanchez 2012 I&E Snare Solo
Sunset Station, San Antonio 7/23/2012 Video with Sony Cybershot HX9 Audio with Zoom H4N
. DCI 2012 Concord Blue Devils final rehearsal
Saturday afternoon, the final rehearsal before DCI Finals in Indianapolis. Just a taste.
. 11 and a Half Minutes - A Drum Corps Story - Featuring The Blue Devils
Produced in 2003, this Drum Corps documentary featured marching members from the 2001 Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. The film follows four of its members on their nationwide tour concluding at the DCI World Championships in Buffalo, NY. The season begins with undefeated competition and the 11th world title is in their grasp. Only the final retreat at championships when the scores are announced will the sweat, hard work, and dreams will be realized.
. Bluecoat's 2012 Drum Feature
I cut it off by accident, but the stuff these guys are doing is insane
. Bluecoats Front Ensemble 2012 - Full Runthrough
August 6 - The front ensemble does a full runthrough of their show, while warming up for their performance in Massillon, Ohio.
. 2013 Blue Devils visual audition
2013 Blue Devils Visual Audition ~Shot with a nice HD Sony camera~ The sound you hear with my shoes is part of the side of my shoe starting to fall off. It was rubbing against the other shoe)
. วงโย ร.ร.พัทลุง
วงโยธวาทิตโรงเรียนพัทลุงฝึกซ้อม(ก่อนไปพั?ทยา) ๒
. Breaking it Down Pit
Meet the 2009 Cadets Pit ensemble in this behind-the-scenes ALL Access video. Want to join the 2010 Cadets Pit? Go to http://cadets.org for more info!
. A Day With Julie
A Day With Julie
. Crossmen 2013 Present: Protest
The program will take the audience on a journey through the years, as people have assembled to let their voices be heard for what they believed in. Through the actions of many, Americans have ensured the liberties our Founding Fathers had envisioned for the nation.
. Cadets? February Camp
Allison talks with staff member JP Crowley about the progress the corps has been making. Interested in marching C2? Visit cadets2013.org to sign up!

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