. ATC-CG 1st Senior Division 2010
2010 Thailand Drumline Contest
. ANS Music Show (Giral Band)
ANS Music Show : Lenka play by year 8 (Giral Band)
. กราบเท้าย่าโม บุญวัฒนา
รายการชิงช้าสวรรค์ ปี5 ฤดูฝน รอบสอง คู่ที่ 4
. IN THE STONE - Big Friendly Jazz Orchestra
BFJO2008 Team Matsuda played at No.26th Charity Concert in Takasago Cultural Hall on July 20th 2008.
. (HD 1080p) Lord of the Rings: 2009-2010 Moanalua Middle School Symphonic Band
Recorded at The 2010 Moanalua Complex Concert on Friday, March 12, 2010 held at the Moanalua High School Gymnasium. It's been 8 Years since the Last Moanalua Complex Concert, where I actually remember attending one in 1998 I believe, to go and watch my cousins perform in the Symphony Orchestra at that time.
. Japan Band Festival: Nakagurose Elementary School
A clip from a collection of performances by the top 3 bands at Hiroshima Band Festival of Elementary School during the past few years! You can enjoy different types of elementary school bands with this DVD, available at Bravo Music.
. Japan 2009's top elementary school symphonic band performance
Narashinodai Daiichi elementary school band performance. 1. Slava! 2. Takarajima (treasure island)
. Blue Devils drum line jam part 2 / july 4, 2009
Blue Devils drum line jam part 2 / july 4, 2009
. 2009 Blue Devils When a Man Loves a Woman
6 July 2009 Drums Along the Strip Las Vegas, NV. Encore performance featuring standstills from both Blue Devils and Bluecoats. Devs played their 2009 opener and closer from 1992, "When a Man Loves a Woman". I don't work at Olan Mills so don't break my stones over the bad camera work.
. The Blue Devil
Get The Feeling with The Blue Devil drumline at the Rose Bowl on the 4th of July
. วงโยฯโรงเรียนนารีรัตน์
รางวัลรองชนะเลิศอันดับ2 การแข่งขันวงโยธวาทิตนักเรียน นักศึกษา ชิงถ้วยพระราชทานสมเด็จพระเทพฯ ประเภท ถ้วย ค ประจำปี 2552
. วงโยธวาทิตเหลืองมาเชียว
. ไทรน้อยมาอีกแว้ว.....
25530110-SOC-ประกวดวงโยธวาทิต นักเรียน นิสิต นักศึกษา ชิงถ้วยพระราชทาน ครั้งที่ 29 ประจำปี 2553
. DCI Cinecast Demo 2010
On-camera clips from the live five hour Drum Corps International cinecast that was presented in more than 400 theatres across the country.
. Music City Mystique 2010 snare circle
Nashville 3/20/2010
. Not Enough (Original)
can you gently wipe away my tears the bottled up, tangled up, emotions my dear and can you tell me was it worth this at all to win me over and let my heart fall...
. อรรถวิทย์พนิชยการ 2005 (Percussion Part)
อรรถวิทย์พนิชยการ 2005 (Percussion Part) รู้สึกว่าอยู่ข้าง ๆ สนาทเทพหัสดินมั้ง...
. Brass in Black brass quintet at WHRHS
Brass in Black is playing a few pieces for brass groups offered by The Dallas Brass. "Beyond the Clouds" and "Funksville".
. Dallas Brass - A Brass Act For All
Dallas Brass Concert Demo DVD 2003
. DallasBrass - Hands
The Dallas Brass performing "Hands" at the Florida Music Educators Association Conference on January 8, 2009 in Tampa.
. Cascada - Pyromania (Official Video)
The official video of Cascada's 2010 smash hit
. DCI 2009 Troop-A-Loop RAW Episode 2
The 2009 Troopers Drumline raps their way to success. Check out this wacky drum corps vid.
. DCI 2010 Troop-A-Loop RAW Episode 7
DENVER WARMUPS!Presented by "Hell Bent For Victory: The Movie" on sale May 15th at
. Cadets First Show 2009
Video of the 2009 Cadets as they prepare for their first show of the season. Want to join the Cadets? Visit http://cadets.org for more info!
. Sectionals Brass
1The Cadets brass sectionals, July 2009. Be a member of the Cadets! Visit http://cadets.org for more info

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