. Cavaliers DCI Orlando 2012
15 Minutes Of Fame
. 2012 The Cadets
2012 The Cadets
. Carolina Crown 2012 | Practice - Final Run
Carolina Crown with their final run for the night. The show is really looking good! I recorded this on my phone so the video is a little shaky, but the audio is pretty great! Hope you enjoy the video!
. The Cavaliers 2012 On The Road Update 1
The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps talk about their experiences moving from Lisle, IL to Charleston, IL through the halfway point of their 2012 pretour.
. 2012 DCI Summer Tour
A season 40 years in the making, the 2012 DCI Summer tour is here! Visit http://www.dci.org/tickets to find a show near you.
. Cadets All Access - First Show in Akron, Ohio
In case you missed the DCI Cinecast, here is an exlusive look at the Cadets' first judged show in Akron, Ohio where they earned a score of 70.20 and took first place.
. Dartmouth High School 2012 Drumline Finals - 1
Dartmouth High School 2012 Drumline. Finished second overall with a score of 96.825
. Crossmen 2011 - Brass Line in the Lot - Show Chunks
Crossmen 2011 Brass Line warming up at Semifinals, performing at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. Used with Permission. Please do not rebroadcast, retransmit or otherwise distribute this clip without permission from the Crossmen or DCI.
. Best 2010 DCI Moments
Best moments of 2010 Drum Corps International.
. Cadets All Access - An Afternoon Relay
With a short 15 minute break, the pit decides to have some fun on the BMX track just across the parking lot.
. Cavaliers 2002 Frameworks - Music GE Judge Tape
Music GE Judge Tape from the Cavaliers 2002 Frameworks show. The video is owned by Drum Corps International.
. Blue Devil 2002 (ท่อนสุดท้าย)
Blue Devil 2002 (ท่อนสุดท้าย)
. ESC 2011: 1. Semi-Final - Cold Steel live in D?sseldorf
After all countries have sung and performed their song, entirely true from Europe for their favorites. Meanwhile, Cold Steel comes with a guest appearance. Cold Steel comes from the USA and has worked with include Peter Fox already.
. 2011 cadets- william tell brass ensemble
2011 cadets- william tell brass ensemble
. Blue Devils 2011 (Full Show)
Blue Devils performing their 2011 program "The Beat My Heart Skipped"
. Blue Stars 2011 Ballad- Age out circle
The Blue Stars 2011 Hornline playing the ballad for the age outs This is what its all about my friends...FCO to my brothers and sisters
. Blue Stars 2010 Finals (closer)
A moment from the 2010 Blue Stars show
. Phantom Regiment 2011 Full Show
Phantom Regiment playing their full 2011 show "Juliet" in Rockford, Illinois during a drumline camp.
. Blue Devils rehearsal #1 at 2011 DCI Indianapolis
Blue Devils rehearsal #1 at 2011 DCI Indianapolis
. Blue Devils Space Chords 2010
One of my favorite warmups ever. This was in Denver in July 2010, there was virtually no one watching with me so there's no screaming or anything during the warmup :)
. Blue Devils 2011 July 3, 2011 Space Chords Warm Up
2011 Blue Devils Drum Corps.
. 2011 Blue Devils - AB Rolls 1080 HD
2011 Western Corps Connection. Blue Devils in the lot. Bad ass tag on the end.
. Blue Devils Hornline 2011 - Show Music Warmup
June 12 - Here's some show music from the Blue Devil's hornline warmup at Family Day. When the A corps hornline is circled up, it's the B and C corps hornlines in the middle they're playing for.
. 2011 Blue Devils Encore - Show Segment 1080 HD
2011 Western Corps Connection. Blue Devils played a part of their show for the encore.
. DCI 2010 Troop-A-Loop RAW
The 2009 Troopers Drumline plays a warmup on Finals morning. Troop-A-Loop RAW is a weekly video series that is taken from the raw footage archive of the upcoming feature film, "Hell Bent For Victor...

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